Wonderful psychologist who treats kids with so much love and affection just as his own kids. Can’t suggest better than him so far.

-Radhika Sharma Dutta

Calm nature..Clear vision..dedicated to work, this is what I have observed about imran noorani..during our short meeting.. God may bless you with health, wealth and success..

-Dr. Chirayu Jaiswal

Child development clinics are a boon for specific children's and With the sweet behavior of Dr. Imran Noorani, half the anxiety of the child and his parents is reduced there. Salute to CDC

-पंडित गणेश शंकर मिश्र

To be able to give meaning to a life abandoned or neglected by most is the most amazing gift God can bestow on his chosen ones and to me that's him and the team he leads. God bless them all.

-Meghna Sharma

Allahamdulillah I met him for the first time yesterday..10/10 to him and his knowledge..wish him great success nd infinite happiness ahead Ameen 😊 Imran sir NEXT TIME WHEN YOU THINK OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS, DON'T FORGET TO COUNT YOURSELF IN..

-Nishat Hashmi

We visited Child Development Clinic four years ago, and found Dr Imraan very patient and understanding issues with my kid and us parents.

-Shaily Agrawal

He is an inspirational soul, who plays with the words to create magic in lifes... a young man who dedicated his life to make others life happening #psychologist

-Gurpreet Kaur

Thank u so much sir.To teach me Right and real way to face all d problms. Now im soo happy with my son.

-Nisha Verma

Doing wonderfull job for cwsn ... keep the up good work

-Mohammad Uved

down to earth person.. very supportive and caring physiologist..

-Aditi Mohta Chandak

Never has a human figure generated such intense scrutiny. But, stripping away ideological preconceptions, we have wonderful person who inspired me a lot and gives elevated view of life. He epitomised a life dedicated to the service to others. He is sympathetic and oneness heart touched the lives of many and inspired others to look more kindly on the unfortunate. Uh r d best person i ever meet ....

-Siddhi Gupta

I met him only twice or thrice, but when I met him very first day on 03 / 10/17, I feel satisfy and feel like yaaa KUCH TO BAAT HAI BANDE MEE... Imran sir is so nice to handle kids and specially parents, never panic, very calm, quite, humble, He is helping nature and supportive nature too.. May Allah blessed him and will get high success in future..

-Asim Mallick

Sir… just to show how you have changed my entire life’s view, I want to say that when I grow up I want to be just like you. Everyone can teach lessons that are INSIDE books but only gifted teachers like you can subtly weave them along with other life-lessons from OUTSIDE the books. May god showers ol his blessings upon you sir!!!

-Taruna Sah

The day i visited sir i was hesitant because he looked quite young but the way he handled the child was great. He gave us almost two hrs and we were completely satisfied. His patience , skills and dedication are just perfect. We owe u a lot for helping us out. It wouldnt have been possible for us to be happy again wdout ur guidance. Thank u so much sir..

-Brajesh Kumar

A very warm and caring person who is a human first and doctor later..kids are very happy being with him...parents satisfied a lot as his assessment reports are truly authentic. I send my children to him as i know that they are in safe hands...keep up the gud work..god bless.

-Neeti Makan

It was wonderful that after visiting so many fake professionals and places, we got to consult Child Development Clinic team headed by Dr. Praveen Suman. Right from consultation to assessment, diagnosis, planning, everything till intervention was so logical and authentic that made our journey to success so easy. God Bless them with more power and success.

-Amit Mathur

Humble and child friendly with vast experience. He guided us so well. As parents we were quite worried but his explanation and guidance gave us so much hope and positivity. Thank you

-Amit Kumar

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